Saturday, May 29, 2010

When 3 became 5

They arrived.
Arlo (on right) 8 lb 1 oz @ 11.52pm Monday 24 May


Tavish (on left) 7lb 7 oz @ 00.11am Tuesday 25 May

Two gorgeous boys. Two separate birthdays


Monday, May 24, 2010

Finding space

I'm having one of those early morning moments - not a bad sleepless, must chew over those things we cannot change kind of moments - instead one of those precious, time stolen in the wee hours whilst the house slumbers kind of moments. In the quiet the important things seem to rise to the surface.
One of the things I have felt most anxious about lately is my wee precious girl and how she will find her feet in our soon to be expanded household. How do I help her carve out her place? To let her know that my precious, independent, creative, loving, stroppy, humour filled, sensitive, adventurous, sparkly electric, wee banshee is still just amazing and much loved in her Mama's eyes and has a firm, unwavering place in her heart. I am constantly questioning whether I'm up to it, you know, this mothering malarky? But I know this is just prebirth jitters, right? Because as a friend once told me ... just when you think it can't be possible to feel any more, the heart just expands to make room for the new love you are overwhelmed with when new bairns arrive.
Just feeling reflective that's all. It must really suck to have a Mama that can no longer get down on the floor to do puzzles - or take you for long walks and adventures. Whose dancing repetoire has shrunk considerably and no longer includes lifts and vigorous wiggling. Who no longer has a lap to sit on. Guess the escalation in tantrum throwing is justified when you look through smaller eyes. Guess she is looking forward to their arrival as much as me ... she is just sure that they should be careful not to break my belly button when they are coming out... who am I to shatter her visions of possible baby exit points?
No questions that haven't been asked by millions of mothers before me - just my question to ponder at this moment...

Sunday, May 23, 2010

My Wee Gal Turns 3

The wee gal turns three today. So hard to grasp that she has been turning our world on its ear for three whole years. Last Saturday we had the birthday party complete with friends, park and requested pink horsey cake and horsey pinata. Dunc and I stayed up to midnight perfecting the cake... parental dedication at the fore when driven by guilt that possible arrival of newborn gatecrashers could rain on birthday parades. We thought we better have a 'just in case' party - before the date - in case the babies decided to appear. But we have made it to the actual day - so after a lovely morning of opening presents jetted down from the interstate fam ... we have partaken in fish and chips and a text book sponge birthday cake by Loz. Edie is confused 'What you mean I get two birthdays??'. Don't get used to used to this kind of treatment, man! So now I am just keeping my legs crossed so I don't have to commit myself to a lifetime of three birthdays on one day... because that would be a little outrageous, non? So in answer to your possible questioning ... as of now I am still firmly up the duff... although a weird old man's shuffle complete with comfy trackies and cardi are all I can muster. Aaaaaah pregnancy - so glamorous, so chic and given the veritable road map of stretch marks that almost meet my decollage - I'm guessing my agent won't be lining me up with a shoot in the Bahamas for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. Such is life. I'm OK with that.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


At 37 weeks, when you can no longer see your own feet ... enlist the help of others.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


The days are getting shorter and the shadows longer and a chill has returned to the air heralding that winter is lurking around the corner. Time to nest and snuggle; to bunker down and enjoy the beautiful warm sunny days and the chilly autumn nights - perfect for pyjama couch action and lap rugs. To marvel at impossibly Enid Blytonesque toad stools at local parks - that make you prod them to make sure someone hasn't just popped a ceramic folly to trick you.and to wonder at a growing belly that has seen you through to 35 weeks and will hopefully hang in there for a couple more!
... and already missing your sister as she sails back to Melbourne. More on that visit soon xx