Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mount Gnomon Farm

On Sunday we went loaded the tribe in the car for a driving adventure. Our travels took us to Penguin and 'Rare Day Out' - an open day at Mount Gnomon Farm.  We have been buying their wonderful products from Harvest Market and were keen as mustard (or bacon) for a look see and to pat a piglet or two (or ten if you are my daughter).  The farm is nestled at the base of Mount Gnomon and Mount Duncan and just a short drive out of Penguin - we never need much of an excuse to head to the coast to suck in some ocean air - but a day on a farm was icing.

Patting piglets
pointing at piggies
enjoying spaces
meeting the rare heritage breed: Wessex Saddleback pigs
exploring the farm
enjoying our tour and seeing the sow with her litter
For our wee family, nothing beats the chance to get out and away for the day.  Having such a wonderful destination, with a chance to learn more about where our food comes from is really special. Sipping a coffee in a paddock with the smalls happily patting piglets, a little bit farm fancy, no? Thankfully the electric fences were off ... as the lads were keen to check for themselves (insert fierce intake of breath from bystanders). Many thanks to Guy and Eliza for a lovely Day Out. Their passion for their beautiful farm and for producing ethically raised meat was really inspiring; their enthusiasm so wonderfully infectious. Follow Mount Gnomon on Facebook here ... then you'll not miss their next open day... or head to Harvest Farmer's Market this Saturday and sample the love yourself.


Isis said...

aaaah, you lucky thing, I wanted to go to this

Fer said...

That's awesome. :-)

Mount Gnomon Farm said...

Thanks, it is a really nice blog and glad you had a good day. We are looking forward to doing more similar events in the future.