Wednesday, April 18, 2012

 Procrastination move aside.  I be ticking off a list.  #1 Post parcel complete with gifts that have been blinking up at me in my sewing room saying 'Please complete me'.  Why!  Happy to oblige, because I be ticking off my list.  A little artistic licence on the blue bee hive and all, but I like it.
This is a flannel wrap/ blanket which I concede does look rather garish in this shot - but I tell you - the contrast orange stitching looked quite jolly in real life.  Now to attack a few little girl's birthday party presents ... I am using them as carrot dangling fodder so that I can get at the real sewing adventure ... A couple of dresses for myself.  That is after I convince two wee lads that they must take turns pushing the pink dolly's pram.  Anyone else support my research that a pink dolly's pram is the toy voted most likely to kick of a blood bath in the play room?  I can see now why parents were comfortable with allowing their children to go on the children's crusade.  They had one pink dolly's pram, and on that one fact alone, felt confident that given an opponent their size, their fighting skills would cut it.


Rowantree Design said...

Hi Gemma, I found your blog over at PMM. I admire gentle folks who just do it and move to a life less hectic. Ahhh Tasmania, green, lush, craggy yet so beautiful. I love vintage and retro, I have a passion for designing and making vintage inspired children's clothes, I collect vintage and retro bits and pieces and am forever working on a project. My latest being a fibro beach shack that I am renovating and turning a little retro. I'd love you to pop on over and say hi, you might like to follow me! I'm now following you.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Of all the things most likely to bring out the Cain and Abel in a couple of brothers , a pink thing with wheels to pile little cars , wooden blocks and a crocodile in is the most likely .